Подсолнечное масло на экспорт

Подсолнечное масло на экспорт

Sunflower oil ® «Zet Albet ™»



Sell crude sunflower oil from Ukraine

Crude sunflower oil from Ukraine

The quality of the Commodity fit the following specifications:

Color value, iodine mg, no more than 25;

Acid number, mg / g, no more than 4,0;

Impurities,%, no more than 0,1;

Moisture and volatile matter,%, no more than 0,2;

Phosphorous-containing substances in recalculation to stearo-oleo-lecithin,%, no more than 0,6;

Tempreture of flash of extraction oil no less than 225 degrees Centigrade;

Contamination of mineral oil / hydrocarbons in sunflower oil - up to 50 ppm (mg / kg)


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